All new Tukka Tuk at Street Food Circus starts 25th August!

Guess who’s back in town? Yes, it’s the annual cavalcade of extraordinary food & drink, the Street Food Circus which runs from 25th August to 25th September in Cardiff’s Sophia Gardens.

Pic from Street Food Circus 2016

Pic from Street Food Circus 2016

We are there in the form of Anand’s George’s Tukka Tuk, mobile street food kitchen which is all set to tantalize your taste buds once again.

Chef has announced his new menu for the event (below), and in an exciting development this year; Tukka Tuk will be serving a special Street Food Brunch on weekends from 10 am, starting Saturday 26th August. Included are appams (rice pancakes) with chicken stew, roasted heritage carrots, and potatoes.




1. Sweet Potato and Kale Chaat

Spice roasted sweet potatoes, curried chickpeas, topped with yogurt, tamarind & green chutney, pomegranate, gram flour vermicelli, melon, pumpkin and sunflower seeds and crispy kale

2. Kerala Fried Chicken and Chips 

Chicken thigh spiced with ginger, green chilly, curry leaves, crushed coriander seeds, fennel seeds and fried, served with our Bombay fries, salad leaves, pickled cucumber, red onion and apple chutney and home-made thousand island sauce

3. Lamb and Red Rice

Slow-cooked lamb, with fragrant spices and Keralan whole grain rice, served with crispy egg and pickled vegetables

4. Bombay Fries and Thousand Island Sauce 

Bombay fries and home-made thousand island sauce


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