Calamari by Anand George

Calamari by Anand George

Calamari by Anand George


by Anand George

Recipe from “The 5000 Mile Journey” Available to buy now  

Portion: 4

Calamari x 4



Batter flour mix – 50gms (see recipe below)

Spice Powder Mix

Kashmiri chilli powder – 6gms

Turmeric powder – 6gms

Crushed black peppercorns – 2gms

Chana masala powder – 2gms

Amchur powder – 2gms

Chat masala – 2gms

Fennel seed powder – 2gms

Salt – 2gms


You will need 4 medium sized squid cleaned and with quills and beaks removed

Make five slits in between the tubes still holding the shape

Sprinkle salt and crushed pepper on the squid

Take batter flour – 50gms (base recipe below)

Place the batter flour in a bowl and dust the squid tubes and fry in hot oil in a temperature of 200c for 2-3 minutes until crisp and sprinkle with the spice powder

Make passion fruit and chilli dressing (below)

Plate up with salad and drizzle with passion fruit and chilli dressing – Serve immediately

Dressing Recipe

Passion Fruit and

Chilli Dressing

Passion fruit puree – 100gms

Mango pulp – 150gms

Ginger chopped – 1gm

Red chilli chopped – 1gm

Oil – 10ml

Vinegar – 25ml

In a bowl mix all the above ingredients with a whisk

Keep refrigerated

Batter Flour Mix

Self raising flour – 30gms

Corn flour  -100gms

Gram flour – 30gms

Chana masala powder – 5gms


Turmeric powder – 1gm

Combine all ingredients and keep in an air tight container

When needed, mix with enough water to name a matter consistency



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