Chef Reveals the Secrets of Sadhya

In the second of his new series of Kerala food talks recently, Chef Anand George took as his subject the legendary festival dish of Sadhya. The ‘Banquet on a Banana.’

Sadhya feast at Purple Poppadom

Sadhya feast at Purple Poppadom

In his inaugural talk, back in July, Chef took our guests through a fascinating history of Kerala Cuisine, encompassing the influences of the Portuguese, Anglo-Indian on traditional dishes, right through to the present day.

This time, Anand supplemented his talk by sourcing fresh banana leaves and the characteristic ingredients to present his first ever authentic Sadhya banquet in Wales.

Forty avid food fans packed into Purple Poppadom where Chef took them through a fascinating talk on all the elements of Sadhya including the specific order in which each of the 20+ dishes is served, on each giant banana leaf.

The Purple Poppadom team, including Chef Anand dressed in traditional attire and personally served each of the dishes to our guests until the leaves were full of mouthwatering vegetarian dishes and desserts, and banqueting commenced.

Chef also chose the occasion to announce his next Kerala Chef Tour, food lover’s accompanied trip around his home state, which takes place 2-15th March 2018.

Chef’s 30-minute talk served to whet guest’s appetites and everyone took on the challenge of enjoying the traditional way of eating with their fingers with glee, even refusing cutlery when offered.

Such has been the warm reception to his talks that Anand is keen to stage another event. We will keep you posted.

For information on the next Kerala Chef Tour, please visit:

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