We were delighted to receive a Tweet from Buzz, the Cardiff listings magazine, about a feature on Purple Poppadom in their Buzz Food Guide 2012.

We are mentioned in both a round-up of restaurants in our region and Chef Anand George is also interviewed about all things Purple and our future plans.  Below we re-print the interview and here is a link to the Food Guide in digital page turning format:

Anand George Interviewed in Buzz


A Taste Of The New: Anand George Q&A

Following the resounding success of The Purple Poppadom, Buzz catches up with award-winning Chef Patron Anand George.

Since the opening of Purple Poppadom, what have you discovered or learnt, and how have people reacted to the restaurant’s approach to Indian cuisine?

We discovered that people in Cardiff are happy to try something new!  After four years in the city we believed it was time for a change and created Purple Poppadom and Nouvelle Indian Cuisine, this combines Indian flavours with more radical continental style dishes and presentation.

We were confident in our new style, but you never know for certain. In the first week people trickled in, but soon after the numbers increased and we became very busy.  Winning the Welsh Curry House of the Year title just three months after opening also helped!

I think we are happily overwhelmed by the support we have received from customers really, people who have followed us since the start and new people both locally and from further away.

When we moved further forward with our Deep Blue seasonal menu, featuring even more radical Nouvelle Indian Cuisine, people have moved with us and we are very happy with this.

We love our new home in Canton, it is a great area for us, with a strong reputation for its restaurants, we are really happy here.

How versatile do you consider Indian cuisine as opposed to any other?

Very versatile. You have very many regional cuisines, and in fact each region is like a different country in terms of its traditional dishes.  Add to this the all the different ingredients for each area, the influence of religion on the foods people eat and you can see that India is like a kaleidoscope of different dishes and flavours.

What we do is bring different cuisines of India and combine them with ingredients that are available in Wales.  I think the marriage works well.

For me the possibility of creating new dishes and flavour combinations based around Indian cuisine is always exciting, I love the wealth of ingredients I can use.

What importance does cooking have in your life?

It is my life!  I am always thinking about it, it is what inspires me and keeps me very busy, but it is something I always wanted to do.

The kitchen is like a home to me and my team, but I also enjoy going out into the restaurant and talking with guests and demonstrating our cuisine at food festivals, that is important to me, going out working with people who are passionate about good food, and showing people how to cook our way.

The restaurant is always at the heart. From the start when I was training in India, then London, I always wanted to run my own show and Cardiff was the first and with all the support I have received, it will always remain very dear to me.

I am looking ahead to our next innovation. My great enjoyment is creating cuisine which intrigues and excites people and of course satisfies them. This is a very simple aim, but it is what keeps me motivated.

What do you consider to be the best dish on the Purple Poppadom menu and why?

I could not say, that is for others!  I am proud of the new believe the family of ‘three-way’ starters we introduced and the ‘de-constructed’ family of dishes we created starting with Nawabi chicken and Lamb shank, which are amongst our most popular.

We are moving beyond a traditional curry dish, with a Nouvelle platter style presentation and their popularity is gratifying.

We find that the Nouvelle style enables people to discover a greater variety of dishes and flavours, making for a more varied dining experience.

It was the success of these dishes which inspired the new Deep Blue menu, which again is a contemporary twist on Indian seafood dishes. The dishes here are more radical again, and I am pleased our take on fish and chips, featuring lemon sole is doing so well. Our taster menu where we pair dishes with different beers is very well liked.

What’s next for Purple Poppadom?

Wait and see! We have some interesting plans.  We are very happy here, and we will be investing in the restaurant, in particular extending the size and scope of the kitchen – our engine room – so that we can continue to extend our innovation and repertoire.  We have many requests to bring our cuisine to other cities, but that will be in the future, and Cardiff will always be our home.

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