We were so honoured that David Baddiel, the great comedian, novelist, TV host, radio broadcaster and recording star through his famous ’Three Lions’ hit, dined with us recently.

He also took to Twitter when asked about his trip to Canton, to declare that his experience at Purple Poppadom was ‘Pretty, pretty good.’

We were so happy that Mr Baddiel took the time to give us a name check with enthusiasm un-curbed, it was very welcome and social media as they say lit up.

It is always wonderful when people find us in our well-hidden little haven here above the streets of Canton, and enjoy our brand of Indian cuisine.

We thank David Baddiel as we thank all our great customers for honouring us with their presence and celebrating our love of great Indian foods.

David Baddiel will be touring again with his ‘Trolls: Not the Dolls’ show in the Autumn, 29-dates starting in Aldershot on 10th September. For tickets visit www.davidbaddiel.com

Photo credit: David Baddiel at the Soho Theatre London, 2020
Photo by: Ralph_PH Reproduced under a Creative Commons Attribution License