New – Thali Thursdays at Purple Poppadom

We are excited to announce that ‘Thali Thursdays’ have arrived at Purple Poppadom!

Being held EVERY Thursday you can experience, a platter of dishes all on one plate. We will be changing dishes at each Thali Thursday to reflect the different regions of India so you can enjoy a range of tastes, flavours and styles of cuisine.

See sample thali menus below:



– Kosha Mangsho –

Lamb cooked with whole spices and chilies

– Murgir Jhol –

Home-style chicken curry

– Chor Chori –

Brinjal, cauliflower, potatoes, pumpkin flavoured with Panch Poran- five spices

– Dal –

Chana dal flavoured with coconut and spices

Steamed Rice and Naan





– Pork Vindaloo –

Pork shoulder and belly cooked with Kashmiri chillies and spices, intensely flavoured
with garlic and red wine vinegar

 – Prawn Curry –

Tiger prawn simmered in a coconut and tamarind sauce

– Tendli Bhaji –

Ivy Gourd stir-fried with spices

– Dal –

Home-style lentils

Steamed Rice and Naan




– Laal Maas –

Lamb leg braised with caramelised onion and spices,
enhanced with smoked cloves and garlic.

– Safed Murgh –

Chicken breast simmered in a creamy cashew nut and melon seed sauce

– Bhindi –

Okra sautéed with onions and tomatoes

– Dal –

Homestyle cooked lentils

Saffron Pilav Rice and Naan






– Rarra Gosht –

Slow cooked leg of lamb with onions and tomatoes, finished with ground lamb and spices

– Murg Makhani –

Tandoori chicken breast in a rich tomato sauce flavoured with fenugreek

– Kadai Paneer –

Indian cottage cheese stir fried with bell peppers and spices

– Dal Makhani –

Slow cooked whole black lentils

Saffron Pilav Rice and Naan




 5.30pm. Booking is recommended and priced at £14.95 per person.

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    • What a day, what an experience; from start to finish, well organised, conducted and delivered. At first it may seem expensive, but once you are on the course you soon realise it is very good value for money. The keep-sake ‘Anand George’ recipe book and denim apron, the sample food throughout the day and taster meal

    • Review via Tripadvisor by Owen G Richards 24th Oct 2018 We went for the set Sunday menu dishes and I can honestly say it’s probably the best Indian meal I’ve had. The starter of aloo chaat was incredible. The staff were really friendly and the service was great. I am looking forward to going back

    • Review via Tripadvisor by Saber S on 31st October 2018 This is an excellent restaurant. The food was freshly prepared and very tastey. The portions are smaller than normal but the food is perfectly cooked. The service was also excellent and quick. They have adequate professional number of staff who were always nearby to attend

    • Review via Tripadvisor by DenisinWales on 26th September 2018 1st despite the very long sign board covering 2 store fronts, the entrance is a tiny door at the far left. Once you climb to the 1st floor, you are greeted with a very understated and tasteful restaurant seating about 60-70 people. For a Tuesday night

    • Review by Ellym106, TripAdvisor, April 2018 We had an excellent meal here. We visited India in November and know how the food is supposed to be – and this is it! Everything was beautifully cooked and full of flavour, with our particular favourites being the onion pakoras, laccha parathas and the planner makhni – the