“For an Indian restaurant, 5 fat stars”

Review by Septimus Fry via tripadvisor.com on 8th January 2013

It is difficult to imagine how this INDIAN restaurant could be bettered. Yes, there will be restos in other cuisines, especially French, which perhaps can offer more, but otherwise, I had little difficulty in awarding 5 stars. How come my overall rating is only 4, then?

he one thing against this restaurant is the location. It is on a pretty seedy street, the parking is street-parking only and not a lot of it. Certainly, a visit at lunch-time would be a pretty problem. The restaurant is located above a horrible looking shop-front, and had I not local knowledge in company, I might have demurred.

Once up the stairs, the superbly modern and very attractive restaurant is revealed. Pehaps 150 covers, I forgot to count. Unlike my Breton favourites, the PP has plenty of staff, all seemingly trying their best to make you want to come again (or, perhaps, to leave a fat tip, which I did).

The food was a nice cross-over of French nouvelle cuisine (presentation and quantity) and Indian spicy excellence. The dishes are clearly chosen to mix some standard-sounding favourites with unknown rarities.

Not counting wine, the bill for starters and mains for four came to jsut about £100. Two bottles of moderate quality wine (served at the right temperatures) came in at about £30. We had one starter each plus one main and two side vegetable dishes to share. I regularly eat out, and consider this cheap for the quality. I note othere reviewers who seem to be saying “expensive for an Indian restaurant”. But why should an indian restaurant be cheap? There are cheap indian restaurants, but they should not be discussed in the same arena as this one.

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