It is lovely to be liked and when the Michelin Guide takes the time and trouble to Tweet nice things about you, we could not be happier.

The Purple Poppadom team were thrilled to see a Tweet from the Michelin Guide pop up on our phones this morning with a lovely montage of our dishes and a message saying: ‘Subtle Spicing from Start to Finish.’

For an Indian restaurant in Cardiff, this kind of recognition from an Internationally renowned authority in the restaurant is unbelievable to us.

As we say, this is a cause for celebration for our team, after such a challenging year for us and for our customers, who have stuck by us and kept us going through takeaways and now back again also with restaurant dining.

We are also grateful for the people who have so generously re-tweeted and liked the post, helping to spread the word. Again, thank you for your support, everyone. This part of Canton, Cardiff is very happy today.