We’re Celebrating our 10th Anniversary Year

Little did we know when searching for a restaurant site to create his vision of Purple Poppadom, that ten years later Chef Patron Anand George and his great colleagues Raman Bijalwan and Head Chef Siddarth Rathore, would be able to look back with pride on so many great memories.

In truth, before Purple Poppadom had been born, we had faced many frustrations in search of the home for a new restaurant, with a number of opportunities in Cardiff City Centre and suburbs falling through. Until one daylight at the end of the tunnel appeared.

Jinuk, a beloved Indian restaurant, known to members of our team, came onto the market. It had previously been an equally beloved Italian restaurant, Piero’s, so we knew that this was a restaurant with the potential to create something special.

During his first visit to the restaurant, Anand George said, “We can do this” He was confident that the lovely people who had come to enjoy his style of Indian cuisine with a fresh and quirky twist, would follow him to his new solo venture.

It was a confidence that came to fruition with a makeover that moved the entire bar to make for more dining space, create a larger kitchen, offices, and restrooms. It transformed the first-floor eatery into a pink and purple dazzling jewel of a place which people found homely, in line with the eternal friendliness of the staff inspired by Raman Bijalwan himself.

Purple Poppadom opened on 5th December 2011, and soon after Anand’s great chef colleague, Siddarth Rathore, who first worked with Chef in India before joining him in Cardiff, joined to form the trio of principals who are at the helm of Purple Poppadom today.

Awards and accolades followed, great and enjoyable events and festivals helped to establish Purple Poppadom as a magnet for food-lovers in its beloved home in Canton, Cardiff.

Recent years have been challenging for the restaurant world and of course, our customers alike, but together and with the support of the people of Wales and beyond, we still continue our dream that is Purple Poppadom.

As we met on Sunday 5th December with our entire team to celebrate, in the surroundings of our beautifully remodeled restaurant, we all looked back at the great times and great people and great staff, who have supported us all the way.

We also look forward with excitement for the future in what has become in its 10th year, a fresh new start, a new look, and a new identity for Purple Poppadom.

Our investment and commitment to this exciting future are being vindicated by the wonderful support of our loyal customers and many, many new customers who have joined the Purple Poppadom family by enjoying our cuisine.

To everyone who has joined us and become part of our lives, over the past 10 years, we say thank you, there are so many to thank, and our specially commissioned 10th-anniversary logo, certainly thanks them through the symbols and initials it features.

Thank you for the first decade of Purple Poppadom, and here’s to a bright future for all of us.