Here’s a recipe to cook at home for a real family treat. It is a challenge to achieve and Chef would like you to send us your photos of your finished dish to share on our social media!

As this is a restaurant recipe, obtaining some of the ingredients may be a challenge, but they are available in supermarkets and online and worth it to enjoy authentic Purple Poppadom cuisine.


Chicken Breast Boneless (200-225gms) – 3 pieces

Trim the chicken breast, remove the fat, and cut each breast into 4 pieces, a total of 12 pieces.

Keep the chicken breast pieces aside, meanwhile in a bowl make a marination with the following ingredients:

  • Ginger garlic paste – 40gms
  • Oil – 15ml
  • Lemon juice – 10ml
  • Salt – 6gms
  • Kashmiri chilly powder – 15gms
  • Hung curd –160gms
  • Kasoori methi leaves – 2gms
  • MDH Chat masala – 2gms
  • MDH Amchur powder – 2gms
  • MDH Chana masala powder – 2gms

Mix all the above ingredients together. Place the chicken pieces to the marinade. Keep it for a couple of hours or even overnight in the marinade.

Skewer the chicken and cook in a tandoor or in an oven by placing the chicken in a wire rack, preheating the oven to 220C and roasting for 5 minutes, then lower the temperature to 180C, then baste the chicken pieces with melted butter and cook for another 7 minutes then sprinkle with chat masala and baste with melted butter.