“Who knew curry could be this good?…..”

Review by Kirstie McCrum via Wales on Line on 17th August 2o13

Who knew curry could be this good? Definitely not Kirstie McCrum. But thanks to one incredible meal, she’s finally fallen in love with Indian cuisine.

Have you ever had a theatrical  meal? One with drama and  intrigue, a real performance?  I’m not talking food that’s still  alive, here – I mean a meal that truly  surprised and delighted you with every  mouthful, that you wanted to rave review like  a Broadway show or an Orson Welles  production.

I didn’t start out with such high  expectations. Don’t get me wrong, when I set  foot in the Purple Poppadom I was  aware of the reputation of multi  award-winning Kerala-born chef  Anand George. Creator of nouvelle Indian cuisine, he’d been working to  transform the concept of Indian  food in Cardiff since his first  restaurant, Mint and Mustard. His  artistic style of cooking brought  new resonance to the idea of  Indian food, making it more than  merely ‘curry’ and certainly not  one to waste on the post-pub  crowd. Nearly two years on from its  opening, and the Purple Poppadom  has only tightened its hold on the  elegant cuisine that George  introduced through his previous  endeavour, even snapping up the  Welsh Curry House of the Year  Award 2012. The problem wasn’t with George,  or the restaurant and its  reputation – but with me, and my  tastes. You see, I’d never been  convinced by Indian food.

The idea  of ‘curry’ made me think of a  variety of amazing ingredients  slathered in the same sauce, so  that all the freshness and flavour  disappeared from vegetables and  subsequently the plate had one  flavour, merely with varying textures. I’d been persuaded to give the Purple  Poppadom a try because my partner is a  convinced Indian food fan – he adores the  spices with the passion of someone brought  up on the curry houses  of the north of  England, and seldom a  weekend goes by when  he isn’t trying to  convince me to pop  into one of South  Wales’ Indian  restaurants. In future, on the strength of this one incredible  meal, I might be tempted.


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